Special Collection

Open Literacy: Games, Social Responsibility and Social Innovation

Collection launched: 10 Dec 2019

This special issue derives from a specially convened international research symposium on ‘Open Literacy’. It brings international and local experts together to report on cutting-edge research, linking games, play, social innovation and social responsibility. Papers consider a counter-narrative to the rhetoric of behavioural harm and social danger, looking at digital media and games as affordances for community-building and the emancipation of knowledge. The papers examine contemporary digital literacy across many different platforms and cultures, as well as offline forms of play and the spaces in which fans and cyborgs, cities and nations, pursue adventures of identity and hazards of chance.

Publication of this special issue of Cultural Science Journal is generously supported by Tencent Research (China). Editorial work was undertaken by members of the Centre for Culture and Technology (CCAT, Curtin University). The special issue is co-edited by John Hartley (editor of Cultural Science Journal), Katie Ellis (Director of CCAT) and Tama Leaver (discipline lead of Curtin Internet Studies). In addition to supporting this publication, Tencent provided bursaries, scholarships and travel grants to assist presenters to attend the research symposium from which the papers derive.

We are immensely grateful to Tencent Research, especially Director Ms Xiaobing Wang and Researcher Ms Jie Liu, and to our colleague Dr Henry Li, Dean for China at the Curtin International Office and longstanding member of CCAT, who facilitated our relationship with Tencent. We would like to stress that Tencent’s involvement in the project was entirely research-oriented, and that at no point did they intervene in intellectual or editorial matters. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with them on this important topic.