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Reading: Introduction


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Thomas Petzold ,

Henry Siling Li


Creative productivity emerges from human interactions (Hartley, 2009, p. 214). In an era when life is lived in rather than with media (Deuze, this issue), this productivity is widely distributed among ephemeral social networks mediated through the internet. Understanding the underlying dynamics of these networks of human interaction is an exciting and challenging task that requires us to come up with new ways of thinking and theorizing. For example, inducting theory from case studies that are designed to show the exceptional dynamics present within single settings can be augmented today by large-scale data generation and collections that provide new analytic opportunities to research the diversity and complexity of human interaction ...
How to Cite: Petzold, T. & Siling Li, H., (2011). Introduction. Cultural Science Journal. 3(2). DOI:
Published on 18 Apr 2011.


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