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John Hartley

Curtin University, Australia, and Cardiff University Wales
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This issue of Cultural Science Journal is devoted to work by eight emergent scholars in cultural sciences. The topics are predictably diverse but unpredictably connected: they range across historical and contemporary activities in creative cities; digital storytelling; war propaganda; love in advertising; online inter-language relations; transmedia entertainment; and online spoof videos. The themes running through the papers include methodological themes about the need to pay attention to practices as well as concepts; conceptual themes about the shifting relations of terms like public and private, producer and consumer, professional and user; and technological themes related to the rapid evolution of hardware, software and the socio-cultural networks that sustain them. Overall, common „codes‟ underlying very different textual performances are readily discernible across the eight papers.
How to Cite: Hartley, J., (2012). Introduction. Cultural Science Journal. 5(2), pp.1–7. DOI:
Published on 03 Jul 2012.


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